About Us


The OC Heat Volleyball Club is a community of players, families and coaches who are passionate about volleyball. OC Heat is a non-profit organization founded by two Tustin families for the love of the sport, for our children, and for our community.


Our goal is very simple: to provide a positive learning experience and develop young athletes at an affordable price. We believe a solid foundation and a balance to sports, as well as competition makes a healthy athlete.


Our Coaches are mentors, role models, and above all, teachers. Our commitment to teaching gives players opportunities to learn, to grow and to be challenged. We hope to provide players of any skill level the opportunity to play, and teach them how to create results by having an awesome attitude, giving 100% effort and being a team player


OC Heat endeavors to instill a culture of excellence in each athlete. We strive to provide an environment where young athletes will hone their volleyball skills while learning the important values of teamwork, sportsmanship, personal development, and the love of the game.

Focusing on the fundamentals, we have a strong base for our athletes to develop from
positive philosophy
we believe that encouragement, not negativity is the best way to motivate our athletes to perform
experienced coaching
our coaching staff consisting of ex-collegiate players with many years of experience provide the best training for our athletes by setting a high standard of hard work and dedication
team chemistry
by building a bond on and off the court, teamwork is strengthened and memories are cherished
Our team are constantly competing in the gold brackets in Southern California

Meet The Team

Coach Johnny Spike

Private Coaching Available

Coach Sandy Dig

Private Coaching Available

Coach Amy Serve

Private Coaching Available